DJ Dina Regine

   Sought after and frequently known by revelers only by her unofficial DJ tag,
   "The Girl" - Dina Regine is a phenomenon of the new York dance scene. Her
   uncanny ability to read a crowd and change the mood of a room in a heartbeat is
   legendary. With her trademark mixing style, inimitable blending of genres, and a
   record and CD collection that would make some radio stations jealous, she has
   been spinning at some of Manhattan's hottest clubs for the last two decades.

   One of the first women to DJ some of the biggest venues in NYC, Dina Regine's
   career began by chance. A meeting in London led to her being offered a job at
   the NY club JoAnnes. Not having a clue what she was getting herself into - or
   even how to DJ - she she impulsively accepted the gig, and using her own innate
   sense of vibe, she reinvented the spin. "I didn't know any DJ's back then to show -