DJ Danny Kaplan

   DJ Danny Kaplan, is 22 years old and has been an apprentice to Tom Finn for
   four years, and in that time he has learned his lessons well. He has accompanied
   Tom worldwide on all of his events and has become a valued assistant and helped
   Tom to keep abreast of new music, and has proved to be an expert at feeling the
   crowd. Danny was raised in France and speaks fluent French which helps him
   understand the international music scene. He has also become a master diplomat
   at events while dealing with demanding clients and guests that want their requests

   played, or need something done immediately. Although Danny really knows his
   current music and keeps bringing new hot songs aboard all the time, he also has
   been an excellent student, learning older, classic music from Tom's catalog
   whether it be from the 1920's to post millennium music.